(Most pictures were taken by us. Others are from honestcooking.com and istramet.com.)

About Istria

Istria (in Croatian, “Istra”) is the westernmost county of Croatia and the largest peninsula of the Adriatic.

When we started exploring it, very soon we realised: “Aaaaah, that is why all these people adore Istria so much”. Friendly and welcoming locals, delicious food and wine, and gorgeous landscapes – amazing views and mountains of the north, rolling green hills inland and a perfect sea surrounding it all. It really offers plenty to explore and enjoy.

Some places we discovered so far and we recommend:

Central Istria tourist board website has lots of useful information and ideas on this part of Istria.

We are inviting you to return to nature in search of tranquility, to discover your true self. Istria, this tiny subcontinent below the Alps, immersed in the Mediterranean is perhaps the right choice for you. Change your journey from the familiar one, along Blue Istria, and explore the Green one – the mysterious enchantress…
Feel the atmosphere of the homes of your hosts, taste their homemade food, have a sip of their homemade wine. Find out your own paths, chose your own itineraries, make some lengthy steps. Magnificent landscapes, green waves of hills, villages, streams and forests, small churches and ivy-covered old citadels … legends are still alive here.
But, be careful, Enchantress may seduce you and you will remain faithful to her for the eternity.

(Text from istra.hr.)