Wild flowers

Height of the season

1 August 2018
And here we are again. Really far apart from the latest blog post and in the middle of yet another lovely season at
Autumn at Pruga - hortensia

Getting ready for summer 2018!

14 February 2018
Writing again from kinda wintery Zagreb. Going over all the photos since last blog post (22 August!?!) thinking how while I too often feel not much is happening, so many things happened since
Mitzy and bird

A bird was harmed during making of this post

22 August 2017
So, cats. Pets or predators, pets and predators, pets or predators,.... Still so confusing. We thought Mjumju was a hunter. There were few mice, countless grasshoppers and lizard tails, even a baby bird or two. But 'lightning speed claw' Mitzy is becoming

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance

25 July 2017
That is five stages of grief. There is also a model where there are seven stages (shock and denial; pain and guilt; anger and bargaining; depression, reflection, loneliness; the upward turn; reconstruction and working through; acceptance and

Pruga 2017 – so far

31 May 2017
Huh, uh. Ten months since last post. Crazy! Better get on with the updates. Lots has happened since August. Mostly good, some

Stresses of country life

11 August 2016
There is, I think, a serious point to be made on the “stresses of country life”

Season 4 is here

14 May 2016
And here we are again. Pruga, Lovrinići, Istria, Croatia! Our first guests just left so I sit down to review last two weeks since we

Blog debt

18 February 2016
I am sitting here at my desk, in a drizzly and kinda slimy Zagreb, trying to bring some illusion of order to my photo collection (as if even that is possible) and I came across these lovelies that I seem to owe this blog since November

Season 3, nearing the end of

21 September 2015
Sunday afternoon. Vanja is in Zagreb for EuroBasket 2015 (!?!), Mjumju and me relaxing, thinking “let’s enjoy those last warm hours of the summer 2015”. By looking at the

All along the watchtower

5 August 2015
Whenever I sit to write another post Joni Mitchell and her Circle game song just starts playing in my head. We have been here – some of the pictures below will look familiar to careful

Cat on a hot tin roof

8 July 2015
Two months since we moved down for season 2015! Lovely, sunny (yay!) two months. What happened at Pruga during that time? Food was prepared, including a new thing – sage flower cordial (beggining of the preparation above right). Very nice and already drank. Kinda like elderflower cordial

Cat and birds

12 May 2015
This is the said cat. I know I am not the first one to be fascinated by the transformation from a warm, cuddly, fuzzy gorgeousness into a ruthless killer.

End of season round up

4 December 2014
The main reason why my last post is from July (geee!) is that I found myself thinking about writing and then concluding that I would only repeat what I wrote last year at about same time. So I was kinda waiting for some excitement to happen that I would be happy to report

2 yrs of drinking coffee and lying in the sun

29 July 2014
I said to myself the other day “I will not talk about the weather” and then all my conversations start with “I said to myself that I will not talk about the

Tiny castle

24 May 2014
Let’s start with a tail. Or the tail. Mju Mju’s tail. We had some lovely, talented people visiting who took some beautiful photos that I will soon scatter around the

New season

7 April 2014
Winter has been very uneventful at Pruga, hence no posts for such a long time. There was not even the snow drama of last year. However, as spring sprung I spend days editing todo lists before our “transhumance” (word I just learned – “seasonal movement of people with their

Remembrance of things autumn

26 November 2013
As overcast is the norm here in Zagreb, plus some serious cold from yesterday morning, I decided it is time to finally write the last post of the season. It may look like a selection of fruit and vegetables photos – which it is of


21 October 2013
Small digression from the usual Pruga topics. Autumn is, especially if you are trying to embrace country life, time for preserving food. I did quite a bit throughout the summer but there is this one thing, pretty important in the continental part of Croatia, that quite a few people make –


3 September 2013
More days have gone by, the summer is still here although autumn can be felt in the air. And in shorter days and colder nights. Ah, the inevitability of


11 July 2013
Yes, summer is definitely here and with it the life at Pruga as we planned and

Devil is in the detail

18 May 2013
I have survived the visit from an inspector in charge of deciding whether Pruga is officially ready for guests and if it meets the criteria for a star rating (I’ve asked for three

Flurry of activity

30 April 2013
Spring is (finally and seriously) here and with it a flurry of activity at Pruga. The “missed at Easter” asparagus frittata was enjoyed, there are spring blossoms galore, and we are finishing things, finishing

Waiting for the sun

9 April 2013
Me and the rest of Europe it seems. We just came back from almost ten days in Lovrinići. While fun was had and work was done, I cannot escape mentioning the weather. It

Winter victims and survivors

16 February 2013
After three months of waiting for a sunny weekend coinciding with us not being busy in Zagreb we have finally packed a vanload of stuff and, braving snowy mountains on our way, headed sunless towards

Winter slump

11 December 2012
I was debating if I should post this picture or not – after all, where in it is the promise of eternal sunshine and never-ending summer that is

The kitchens are here

13 November 2012
Finally. I am writing this from our flat in Zagreb – far, far away from Pruga and a lovely, long summer.

Manual labour

28 October 2012
…is, well, physically exhausting. And, for me, much more often, much more rewarding than a day in the office. And I’ve been doing quite a bit of it for the last three

There is a crack in everything

3 October 2012
Of course there is. That’s how the light gets in. Aaahhh, lovely

Venice is only one hop away

12 September 2012
Last week, we went to Venice for a day – with the lovely and talented P.


27 August 2012
What happens in 20 days in the middle of not much in the height of summer? Well, not much. We have settled into a routine of sorts. Most importantly, we have that long awaited 10Mbit connection and Vanja is happily working away from his “office” here in Lovrinići. I say happily not
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