This is the said cat. I know I am not the first one to be fascinated by the transformation from a warm, cuddly, fuzzy gorgeousness into a ruthless killer. Still…


It is fascinating! The above is one of the said birds.

Weather in Istria is amazing this May – proper summer. You may think that lack of posting reflects lack of happenings. On the contrary.

Our free moments are spend observing Mjumju observing very cute birds (great tits – what amazing and appropriate (you will see) name) feeding their babies in the nest that they built inside the stone wall just beside our terrace. I fear I will wake up one morning with dead baby birds all over our terrace. Silly (tits!) birds of course built the nest before Mjumju arrived. Her intent on them is captivating but their alarming system is equally so. We now know when Mjumju is on the terrace by hearing their special song (well, alarm as it turns out).

Will report of any casualties.



Before we arrived from Zagreb, our lovely man-that-can-do-and-make-anything Tone finished another major project. Terrace that was started last May now has roof – so we are shielded from sun and rain. We thought we will leave it open and continue with canvas protection from last year. But all the rain that was so annoying last summer made us decide to go for a proper roof. It looks great, so glad we did it! Not only it is functional, it is somehow nicer sitting underneath a roof. And we really thought we will miss watching the clouds and stars while sitting under it. Luckily it is high enough so plenty of clouds and stars to watch on three sides surrounding it!


On our less free moments – there is so much to do! Here is a glimpse of menial labour that is ongoing for these first few weeks. The “beach” is less gravel and more grass.


Garden is only slightly overgrown.


And what is this? Bears? I guess if bears, the whole thing would be down, so probably only decay and winter.

Sadly, my lovely lavander along the entrance to the property suffered much damage this winter. That is a project I am dreading. Seeing if anything is worth saving or replacing them all. And they looked so amazing last summer. I probably pruned them too much before the winter, plus, they say here it was a very cold and dry winter. Some of them on other spots around survived perfectly well, but those I guess are most exposed to the cold winds ๐Ÿ™


We had traditional Easter at Pruga with friends.


When I made this. OMG. Just do it! (Another link with additional tips. I have his book – well worth having.)


The above is a picture of a village where my dad was born. It is here because I am pretty sure how coming to Lovriniฤ‡i is some weird circle of going back to childhood summers reminiscences. And I am not that old yet ๐Ÿ˜‰


And this is Vanja, swimming in the pool, THIS year, 9th of May to be precise. Obviously, I wouldn’t put my toe into it. The water IS cold – regardless of the outside temperature being very agreeable – but all our guests (lovely as ever!) so far have also been swimming. There you go.


One of my favourite illustrations – because I came across it when I was searching for the photos for the post – so appropriate for the upcoming summer.


And as is customary, Mjumju. Getting ready for a hunt.