That is five stages of grief. There is also a model where there are seven stages (shock and denial; pain and guilt; anger and bargaining; depression, reflection, loneliness; the upward turn; reconstruction and working through; acceptance and hope) which maybe explains how we move through grief in a more detailed way. As if it is possible to explain it in words.

Mjumju is no longer with us. I have decided it was a heart attack as there is no better explanation why we found her dead in the woods one nice June morning.

And I find I have to write this stupid post so I can move on with the blog. As Pruga of course is up and running, with guests and breakfasts and cakes and the pool and glorious summer.

I do cry as I write. So I guess acceptance stage has not reached me yet although it has been a month and a half now. It was shocking how overwhelming the sadness was. Is.

I found this text by Maggie O’Farrell somewhat comforting.

So to compensate a bit in this sad, sad story (I am not making reference the previous sad post on purpose), I took some pictures of our parched garden this morning. The light was beautiful.

Tomatoes are finally staring to ripen.

Immortelle, although now dry, still smells divine.

We have (a few) amazing tasting strawberries throughout summer…

Hopefully, this will be our first sweet potatoes…

As always, there will be beetroot – yay!

This is a total revelation. Too many zucchinis? Pickle them!


We have adopted a new cat. Her name is Mitzy and she is (probably) about a year old, is very cute and looks similar to our beloved Mjums although of course is completely different. She is finding her way around Pruga.