Autumn at Pruga - hortensia

Writing again from kinda wintery Zagreb. Going over all the photos since last blog post (22 August!?!) thinking how while I too often feel not much is happening, so many things happened since August.

Small selection follows.

Autumn sunshine at Pruga

After saying goodbye to last guests of the season 2017 and spending some time in Zagreb and Pelješac, we came back to Pruga in mid October to do the final closing of the house for the winter.

Pruga house in the autumn sun

As it happened it was one of those perfect autumn crispy days with gorgeous light.

Tara's babies

And who do we meet? Lovely Tara (our neighbour, gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog that you have probably met if you stayed at Pruga) had babies and they were ready to start hanging around when we came. Not really walking yet, so wheelbarrow was just a perfect way to get back home.

Pelješac, October 2018

This is just to get your appetites up to start planning your summer holidays. This is not in Istria, but on Pelješac where we meet our friends fellow holiday house owners for a few days every autumn after our seasons finish. We swam in the sea in October. That was super cool (and not even cold :). We do have equally perfect beaches in Istria of course.

Sourdough dough

Back in Zagreb, I had few weeks of intense sourdough baking practice. The magic of sourdough is very tactile as well as visual.

Sourdough success

And gustatory. Didn’t know about this word before just now when I googled it as I wanted something that works with tactile and visual 🙂 So, the result of playing with sourdough is a gustatory pleasure for the palate. And visual. And tactile 🙂

I stopped baking now for some reason, but keeping my mother dough alive in the fridge. Hope to start again soon. Probably too much work to have it for every breakfast at Pruga (plus, making it good is harder in the summer’s hot temperatures) but I should definitely make it an occasional treat for all.

Lovrinići - night sky by Ian

Our friends visited – this is Lovrinići night sky by lovely Ian.

Mala at cafe bar Finjak, Zagreb

And who is this?

This is Mala – new addition to Pruga family! Currently being all urban and hanging around cafes in Zagreb. But soon to become a country girl with all those green fields and woods to explore.

The main challenge right now is not eating everything off the street as this habit can be really fatal in the village. Hmmmmm.

Mitzy in Mala's bed

In the flat, it was quickly established who is the boss.

Mala in Mitzy's bed

But Mala retaliated quickly. It is neat 1:1 currently.

Lovrinići, central Istria - winter 2018

This is how it was in Lovrinići the other day – Mala’s future pack is having fun! It is hard to see, but I think Toby (the white fluffy thing you can barely see) is upside down.

Mitzy between boxes

But this is what we are waiting for. Sunbathing between some boxes!