C’est l’hiver! I don’t know French at all, just like it a lot and have a t-shirt that I like with “C’est l’hiver” written on it. Yes, winter is indeed here, at least in Zagreb.

Pruga is in hibernation for two months now and I though this is good time to review 2019 Pruga autumn and happenings since last post. That G&T doesn’t inspire at all right now. Something warm and spicy is in order.

Mitzy doesn’t care about alcohol and she is replaced this sofa with the one in our Zagreb flat, probably dreaming about the outside and all those mice and birds.

Mala does go outside – at least three times a day. Happily. Very happily. Unless it is raining. Then, we need to beg her to leave the flat. It is amazing how long she can last without peeing or pooing when the weather is dismal. So long that I am debating if our 11pm walk is really necessary every time. She tells me very loudly and persistently every time that it really is. Unless it is raining that is. Then, it is fine to stay in.

Back to Pruga end of summer memories. Ajvar was (of course) made again. Not a lot but we grilled the vegetables outside this time and that really adds quite a bit to the flavour. Only few more jars left.

I have to take pictures of the beauties like this one. Sadly not made by me but by my beautiful talented friend Carole who comes to visit every year and makes full use of the wood-fired bread oven. She makes the oven justify its name!

On a walk in Vodnjan, I thought this facade was very pretty. Maybe a pink house next?

The only persimmon also deserves a picture.

We had such perfect summer this year, even September was super warm and sunny. But inevitably, weather changes and when you wake up to this…

…and when the blanket is in use again and Mitzy and Mala start snuggling in our bed…

…it is time to pack and go again.

Even if it is very sad to go – Toby really wanted to go with us.

But of course, there are reasons to return. To fix this wall that just burst out at the end of the season. It was very kind to wait until last guests left Pruga.

To hope that this will not repeat. It was pouring down this wall after one super heavy rain. It was leaking a bit during the summer as well, but we couldn’t figure out where the hole is. Luckily, we found it in the end and fixed. Fingers crossed it really is fixed!

To plan what to do with this new piece of land we just bought, Whoo hoo! We may find a long lost drone. Couple of footballs for sure. Most importantly we gained another 1000m2 to mow. But also a majestic old walnut tree and many apple and quince trees. We’ll see when we clear it out 🙂

And the main reason to return is to enjoy these moments on the terrace, our lovely guests and breakfasts, cakes, pizzas, the pool, the sun, the woods. On to season 2020!