I have learned by now that complaining about anything really is at least boring if not unnecessary. Still, I do complain, most often about the rain and cold weather and how I need socks when one most definitely should not wear socks any more. But then June came and it was perfect. 35 degrees do not bother me and when I bake, aircon can be briefly turned on. No?

We were lucky to be invited for some cherry picking in a town know for its cherries (or at least there is one popular song that talks about Lovran cherries). They were very nice cherries indeed, some frozen for a strudel or two.

I do have that cherry pitting thingy, but found that bottle works quite well as these cherries were too big for it.

As with most kitchen gadgets, the cherry pitting thingy is not really needed.

Before the cherries, we made the usual cordials – sage and elderflower.

And sage was especially pretty this year.

After hot days, early evenings are perfect for village walks.

This flower was as perfect as it looks here.

Our favourite past time is watching Mitzy and Mala. Usually they are back to back, so this was unusual… almost spooning there.

And this was probably super hot. I love it how Mala always uses a cushion.

Random poppy field during June poppy season.

While talking about poppies, we were at the party in Gračišće at our Koquelicot friends – this is the view from their terrace. Mesmerising. Gračišće is a must see if you are around.

Mala has a boyfriend. A local guy. The most important thing is that we like him. Dix.

We were also lucky enough that we had a visitor with a serious drone. So this is how Pruga and Lovrinići look from above.

Our sweet tiny village.

This is my favourite. It really looks like we are in the middle of nowhere.

And we now know for sure that if you fly high enough above Pruga there is a perfect sunset in Lovrinići just like in Rovinj 🙂 Thank you @_______________________nv13!

Newish thing here is Mitzy – Mala hunting gang. Or shall I say Mitzy – Mala – Vanja hunting gang. This is how they operate.

Mitzy catches a mouse or a small rat that I refuse to call a rat (because if mouse is bad, you can imagine what I think of rats). So let’s say a mouse with a very long tail. I run into the house and close all the doors and keep myself busy, just occasionally peaking outside. Mitzy plays with the mouse a bit then Mala grabs it and in a split second the poor thing is dead. Vanja then tries to convince Mala not to eat it. Mala eventually lets go. Into a garbage bag the dead mouse goes (not rat!) waiting for the garbagemen.

Y u c k.

Then the whole thing starts again as Mitzy is always on the lookout.