Huh, uh. Ten months since last post. Crazy! Better get on with the updates. Lots has happened since August. Mostly good, some bad.

First picture is how the meadows looked in April. And this one is how they looked in October. Both beautiful. Spring always wins for me 🙂

The end of the summer and autumn is always in the spirit of canning – these are just the jams. There was of course ajvar as well as loads of tomato sauce which was enjoyed a lot during the winter. Really, if you can do only one thing of “storing food for winter” make it (canned) tomato sauce. There is no better “we are really hungry and want something super delicious in ten minutes” lunch/dinner option. With pasta of course.

We had first raspberries in the garden.

And first leeks.

Some perfect autumn lunches (Kumparička goats cheese is another thing one should really try if they have the opportunity).

I was lucky enough to witness wine being bottled. Not just any wine. Koquelicot wines by our friends from Gračišće. Their Belaigra recently won a Silver medal at Decanter World Wine Awards and Kontempo a Bronze. Congratulations!

I took this lovely picture in Labin – great colours – no?

And we met this gorgeous cat family in Pazin.

Mjumju had an accident. The vet goes through the trouble of bandaging her up and the whole thing stays on her leg for the duration of the trip back home. As soon as she is out of the carrier – it took about two seconds to take it off. Then it is up to us to keep the wound clean. As you can imagine, that was very easy.

Before we moved here for the summer we visited briefly for (now traditional) Easter weekend with friends.

And after we moved in the early May we finally visited Cres. What a great island. Only about 20min by ferry from Istria – I really hope we will visit soon again. Perfect for walking and hiking.

Which we did. After we visited Lubenice village one evening, the decision was made to walk down to the most famous Cres beach the next morning.

It starts innocently enough with some gorgeous woodland.

Then the village is further and further away.

While the beach still looks really far away.

Until you finally make it and forget the effort (or the fact that you now have to get back). Boys were faster than girls.


So life at Pruga continues in the now steady rythm. Sage flower and elderflower syrup is macerating in the kitchen while I type. Mjumju has replaced days by nights. Which means that she sleeps the whole day and is out hunting (?) the whole night.

While all the news from Pruga so far were happy and joyous ones, I have a very sad one now.

Miki and Biba are no longer with us. We are not sure what happened. We are completely heartbroken and miss them every moment. I guess that is how life goes.