I was debating if I should post this picture or not – after all, where in it is the promise of eternal sunshine and never-ending summer that is Pruga?

An Istrian friend stayed at Pruga this weekend while we were stranded in Zagreb and its 40cm of snow. He sent this photo and said it was lovely and peaceful and wonderful and quiet in the winter as it was in the summer.

The air conditioning was able to heat the apartment enough so it was pleasant to be in it (yay!) – there was a question about that because of the apartment’s large volume. And there are no major leakages and problems that could have been caused by winter, rain, snow.

It is a bit unusual that there was this much snow in Lovrinići. Apparently it wasn’t like this since 1955 – or so says our lovely “generous supply of fresh vegeatables” neighbour Marija.

I’m a tiny bit sorry we didn’t witness it (it has already melted).

In other news, just few days before this snow, the pool finally got its cover. So pool was definitely ready for all the snow.

Pool and its cover

Pool and its cover

I am psyching myself up to finally publish apartments’ booking pages on the site – am strangely hesitant as if that will all make it really real.

No other news I’m afraid – we are piling final pieces of furniture and appliances into my parents’ garage to take there as soon as forecast says there is a sunny weekend ahead.

Enjoying the winter, waiting for the summer. Hope you are too.